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"For all my concrete design work,
the only name to trust - Concrete Solutions.
Keep up the great work!"
Hank Arts - Rooster Poultry
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about Concrete Solutions

Site Engineering

* Site Setouts * Sand Blasting Works
* Site Profiles * Core Drilling Contractor
* Excavation * Water blasting
* Pavement Slabs eg: Car parks, Runaways, Factories. * Decorative Footpaths & Driveways eg: Stamp Concrete, Stencil, Acid Staining, Concrete Polishing
* Slope Stabilization * All Waterproofing Works
* Dish, V and Rock Lined Drains * Epoxy Flooring


* Structural Concrete * Limited Access Drilling
* Hillside Foundations * Temporary Shoring Concrete Works
* Slab Foundations * Retaining Walls
* Grade Beam Foundation * Concrete Repairs
* Pilings * Concrete Epoxy Works
* Coring Samples for testing  

Precast Concrete Works

* Wall Panels * Reinforcing Steel Fabrication
* Precast Beams & Columns * Reinforcing Steel Installation
* Uni- Span Casting & Erection * Double Tees
* Design / Build Projects * Piling Columns

We recognise the importance of quality convenience and efficiency in the construction industry, thus minimizing delays and associated costs are of our foremost concern.

Our precast concrete panels are constructed using the finest of workmanship and are cured in a controlled environment which helps to reduce delays using conventional methods. What’s more, a typical precast foundation can be erected in an unbelievable 4-5 hour, without the unnecessary hassle of laying concrete on site for the foundation. Precast panels can be installed in any climate zone in one sixth of the time required for that of a normally formed concrete wall.

At Concrete Solutions, we manufacture Pre- Stressed concrete units eg: Unispan at our yard in Suva. Colored Stamp concrete is now available in assorted patterns for all your specialist finishes. We have also undertaken training employees for accreditation for Waterproofing Systems New Zealand.Concrete Solutions is devoted to bringing you the only the finest quality products and services with the utmost in convenience to you.

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Some of our services include:

  • Doing warehouses of any size
  • Precast Crib walls installations
  • Colour stamp concrete with many designs of mats
  • Like bush rock, slate mats, timber, flag stone, Shasta seamless & tile
  • Exposed Aggregates – 5mm to 20mm
  • Polish concrete – New & existing Slabs, floors & walls
  • Concrete sealing- using Approved & certified sealers to new & existing Slab & walls
  • Massive concrete Repairs- cracked floor slabs, beams & columns
  • Precast Unit – Precast unispan, beams, walls, floor slab, headwalls, precast decking slabs for jettys
  • Concrete epoxy floors- waterproofing wet floors, anti slip sealers & sealants
  • Joint sealants- sealing of construction joints, control joints & saw cut joints
  • Decorative Glass concrete- floor & walls with all colours of glass & polished & sealed.
  • Concrete testing -Existing slabs strengths testing & reports
  • Precast warehousing & houses – shell structure with negotiable finishing
  • Marine concrete -Seawall repairs & Marine Concrete works & concreting inside ships & boats
  • Underground Tank Installations – Fuel or oil or water tanks
  • Waterproofing- underground, retaining wall, basements, walls, bathrooms & roofing, we are the only agents and approved appliers - www.waterproofing.co.nz

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